resources share system and rating tournaments!
More friends - stronger team!


Hire companions and upgrade you character -
do your best to save your friends!
Tap your way to the darkest secrets of Utopia!


Unique for the genre storyline!
Super detailed and familiar world of Utopia -
a distant planet for you to explore!

Heroes of Utopia on iPhone and AppleWatch on is the same game, so all the progress and materials are the same whichever device you play.

You can upgrade your companions right on your Apple Watch! To access this menu you need to make the gesture slide and move the main battle screen to the left.

Finally, you can collect the reward in the offline - is much faster and easier to do it with Apple Watch!

The only thing you will not be able to do is moving to the next sectors.

1. Install the main version of the game on your phone along with the Watch app which can be downloaded from the AppStore.

2. Start the Watch app, scroll to the first tab "My watches" and click on the game icon that appears after installation. If the game is not in the list, click on the tab "Featured" in the bottom of the interface and search the game by name.

3. Turn on "Display on Apple Watch" for the game. Wait for the installation.

4. Torn on the clock and start the game. To start you will need your Iphone to be nearby.


Synchronize your device with
our website!

Step 1
Go to in your
mobile browser

Step 2
Enter the following code: 1234